The True Love & Happy Marriage Seminar Completion Sep. 6 2014

Hellen Chen's Love Seminar Sept 6

Thanks to all who came to my Sep 6 2014 Love Seminar in Los Angeles. It was so great to see everyone! Wow! We had a great time, didn't we? Thanks for your feedback and acknowledgements! I like to share below the touching success stories which the attendees have mentioned:

Love Seminar success stories

I had thought I was a hopeless case for marriage. Hellen showed me I can break through the limitations I have imposed on myself. I feel a surge of new energy to confront the future. -- J. S. Sales Executive
I wish I have attended this class many years ago. I see what I was missing in my past relationships. I highly recommend the love seminar for those who want a happy lasting relationship. --- N. B Consultant
When Hellen spoke about the biggest mistake women make in a relationship, I knew this mistake has created lots of hardship in my current relationship. Thanks to Hellen, I now know how to create more love and happiness with my partner! -- J. C Business Owner
After I have retired, I have become too lazy to socialize and meet people. Hellen woke me up to the fact I was not living life anymore. Ilike to make myself more attractive and seek love! -- E. H Retired Bank Manager
I have read many books and attended seminars on the subject of love. I did not think I would learn anything from this seminar. Boy, am I surprised! I cannot wait to go and use the techniques learned here towards my search for my soul mate! -- A. A Fashion Designer
After marriage and with the birth of a son, my husband and I drifted apart. This seminar taught me the importance of keeping up the passion in a marriage. Thanks Hellen! You gave me a very clear road I could travel on -- a road of self-betterment and thus happiness! -- V. F Secretary
I used to think that marriage is simply being together and try to get along with each other from day to day. I have never thought about building a future together. I know my next marriage will be very different because of what I learn today -- Y. C Marketing Executive