In Marriage, the Fun Comes with Your Dedication

If you want to play the game of marriage well, you have to assess how much participation you wish to put in, how much attention you pay and the degree of your care. How can you get any great pleasure without active engagement?

It is like playing on a basketball team. A player who cares for the team will put all his effort into training because he’s serious about competition and cares about everything related to the team.

He treasures his uniform and make sure to show up on time for practices. It is all about being dedicated and taking it to heart. If you give your full efforts and are serious, you can then play it for the best enjoyment, enjoying the highest collaboration with the team.

In contrast, some people, though on a basketball team, do not care much about playing or practicing.

Something else is always on their mind. It is imaginable that their performance will be affected.

The relationship between team members are the same way. If everyone is equally dedicated, and they all like playing the game, then the game will be fun and high spirited. On the contrary, if some players love playing the game, while others do not, unhappiness in the team will ensue.

Just by looking at the field of playing sports, we can see the big differences between attitude and result. You can choose what you want.

If you do not wish to participate that much, it is only natural that you do not get much rewards back.

To be a good player in the game of marriage, you need to be well- equipped, apart from your level of commitment.

Happiness is not based on luck. Instead, it is based on continuous practice and hard work, constantly ‘doing’ until it materializes.

A happy marriage requires a great deal of interest and commitment from one’s part, and lots of management. Serious problems occur in a marriage not because of ‘marriage’ itself. It is because those who are involved do not value enough, do not understand, or do not concentrate on this aspect of life.

For example, if you only like to work and are not willing to spend time managing your marriage, then the rate of failure is of course very high.

The key to marriage management is your ability, which can be acquired through learning. Many people have acquired this ability at my Love Seminar events.

No matter what is your goal for your relationships or marriage, the success of it fully depends on whether you are serious and whether you will work hard to develop that “love ability” – it is all boiling down to one’s decision to do so or not.

I will be holding my Love Seminar in Los Angeles on September 29. Looking forward to see all of you in LA.

Hellen Chen

Relationship Consultant