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Dear Friends,

I have always dreamed about having a perfect marriage.

This search took me through many disappointments and hardships and finally, about 20 years ago, I met my current husband and since then, I realized that a perfect marriage is obtainable! It is obtainable by just you being willing to learn how to make a 'perfect marriage' happen.

That is why I wrote this book 'The Matchmaker of the Century' to teach men and women that true love is closer to you than you think!

I would like those who have at one point have a dream of a wonderful relationship make that dream come true.

This is not a 'feel-good' or 'rah-rah motivational' book. It is filled with real stories of how ordinary men and women overcome adversities in their relationship to make it through. Some has to go through a divorce to then learn the right lessons. Some has to experience fear, hate and anger before they realized that they could break through.

There is such a thing as true love. I know that because as a matchmaker, I have helped men and women who had disregarded the existence of love to decide then to spend the rest of their lives with each other.

But you have to know how to find love and most importantly, how to create it with your partner.

Hope this book will transform you - the way it has transformed many!

I wish you well on this journey of life-long transformation!


Hellen Chen

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