"The most precious thing in life is understanding" - Hellen Chen


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We believe that the best gift to offer our audiences is perhaps more knowledge and how-to's in the areas of relationships - something intangible and yet which will enrich lives!!

Below are excerpts which talk about issues that will impact one's happiness in their relationships:

What Men or Women Should NOT Do if They Want the Relationship to Last? 


Marry First and Date Later? 

This is an exclusive interview with Matchmaker Chen where she shares the common problems that men and women are facing in their relationships.


Reading Material

PDFWhat happiness do you want ( pdf file)

PDFDo not destroy the opportunity to learn gender relations ( pdf file)

PDFThe Real Meaning of Marriage ( Hellen Chens Love Seminar Book) ( pdf file)

PDFDo you want a good husband or a playboy ( Hellen Chens Love Seminar Book) ( pdf file)


For those who would like to change their relationships and improve upon it.
We highly highly recommend Ms Hellen Chen's Love Workshop.

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