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For men and women who believe there can be a deeper satisfaction in love…

Los Angeles, CA

January 21st, 2017

 Note: To out-of-state attendees: our US Love Seminar is held in Los Angeles CA
our attendees do frequently come from different parts of the United States and even other countries. 

If you live out of town and need travel arrangements, please call 1 (800) 912 – 0510
and we will assist you with your arrival!

Hellen Chen’s marriage principles are featured in


“Chen shares the biggest secret to make a relationship lasting and deep…”

— ABC News

…over 85% of dating ends in breakups. Chen talks about why modern dating is disappointing most singles…

— FOX News

Hellen Chen’s Love Seminar

Saturday January 21 2017

2pm to 5pm

 Attend the Seminar and Learn:


 Is it only natural to feel “bored” or have little love left in the relationship after some years of being together? This event will shed light on why this is a big misconception and how to change it. 

Money, looks, chemistry, trust — what really matters to make love last?

 How to know who is the right person for you? 

 The number one killer of any relationship: keeping quiet about what you don’t like about your partner.

 The number two killer of any relationship: giving everything you can to the relationship and sacrificing your own goals.

 Bad Habits, money and personality drawbacks: how do you find relief from disagreements?

Divorce/Separation: Is it the final straw or are you missing something big time?

 Infidelity: is it really time to end off the relationship or can you salvage it? 

 How to improve your career, wealth and health — through your relationships? 


“Hellen Chen’s seminar makes couples fall in love deeply all over again!”

— NBC News

Marriage Seminar Hellen Chen

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Event: Hellen Chen’s Love Seminar
(For SINGLES and MARRIED Men and Women)
Date: January 21, 2017 Saturday
Seminar Time: 2:00PM-5:00PM
Doors Open: 1:30PM (Workshop will start on time, please arrive early)
Location: Hilton Hotel 225 West Valley Blvd San Gabriel, CA 91776
Cost: $388 early bird ($499 regular) Couples: 2x$350 (2x$450 regular)Hotel Exterior
 Hellen looking into camera

Who should attend this love seminar?

1. Working professionals…
(a) who have spent lots of time working at their job but could not find the right person of similar caliber/goals to settle down with.

(b) who are married but would like to improve their relationships despite an extremely busy work life!

2. You have a special person in your life (married or not)  but you are running into some problematic issues.
Note: Even if you are attending without your significant other, you can still influence the direction of your relationship! So do not give up on attending if your partner is not coming with you!

3. Divorced individuals – regardless of your age group, we will show you how to find the right person in your life.

Marriage Seminar Hellen Chen


Would you like to talk to someone regarding this seminar?
Call (800)912-0510


Past Love Seminar Events

“How to Find Your Perfect Match
& How to Have a Happy Marriage”

 by Bestselling Author, Marriage Expert and International Speaker
Hellen Chen

Success Stories from Attendees of All Walks of Life

  • “The seminar was such a blast! I’m so amazed to have learned so much from your speech.”  – Joan H, Advertising Executive
  • Because of certain factors which Hellen pointed out, I found that I have become not sensitive in relationships. This was great information – yes, it was what I needed!”Kenneth G, Dentist 
  • “I wish I have attended this class 10 years ago.”Jimmy H, Computer Analyst  
  • “Inspiring! It is helping me to view the weak points in my relationships!”Pat B, CEO 
  • “Today’s seminar totally changed my viewpoint about marriage. I have been married for 23 years, and because of what I learned today, I know I can enjoy romance with my husband for the rest of my life!” – Megan H, Housewife and Mother of 3
  • I like Hellen’s way of teaching. She uses examples which I could understand. I learn how to love myself first and then find someone who can love me.” – Helen W, MBA Graduate
  • “I finally got married. Thank you Ms Chen!” – Simon C, Education Supervisor
  • I can attest today that because of Hellen, my marriage has improved tremendously and still improving after all these years! – Shirley L, Service Professional
  • “I really like what Hellen said about ‘be honest.’ If I am honest with myself, I can change!”Victoria K, Sales Manager
  • “Because of this matchmaker, my life is complete with my better-half.” –  Cecilia H, Management Executive
  • This seminar shocked me! Amazing! I do not need a house, money etc to get married.” – John Z,  Media Executive
  • This workshop is BRAVO! I know now how I should improve my relationship with others. I take away a lot today – this workshop really impresses me!” – Alex W, Engineer
  • “In order to be married, you need to just DO and CREATE it!” – Shirley E, Aerospace Professional

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Join Us at this Life-Changing Love Seminar


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Marriage Seminar Hellen Chen



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