17th Los Angeles Love Seminar Success Stories

I had such a great time at my 17th Love Seminar event in Los Angeles today!! Romance, lasting love relationships are all possible!

My husband and I have been married for close to 30 years and we fall more in love with each other year after year. Having taught many couples and singles how to create the beautiful love story they have wanted, and having helped many couples to walk down the aisle, and to stay happily together, I know true love is indeed something ANYONE can experience -- no matter age, race, culture!

Reading through the feedback and success stories shared from the Love Seminar attendees really made me very happy. One can indeed create love and passion and happiness. It really starts from ourselves!

Here are some great successes from my students:

"We do all wrong in all modern society. So the right thing is to marry and then build the relationship starting from that very strong basic foundation. If you date or hesistate, you'll get nothing." -- S. Marie

"I understand the importance of happiness that originate from me, versus wanting others to make me happy. The passion of life is created by myself!" --S. C.

"It is impossible to have romance or have the "in-love" feeling when I cannot even be happy with myself. When I am with my husband, the love sparks get less and less. When I cannot create happiness for myself, I can never create happiness for another." --A. C.

"During the seminar, I found the exact reason why I had failed with a past girl that I had loved. Just this understanding alone frees me up to create even more now. I now know more about myself!" --S.C.

"If I want love and romance from my wife, it starts from my actions to create love. I see how little I have given, and yet expect a lot. Thanks Hellen, this is a big lesson for me." --Z.W.

"How would I know if the person in front of me is the "right" one? I was consumed with looking at the faults of another to the point that I missed the faults in myself, and also missed my ultimate goal, to have a relationship that last, not money, nor status, nor other materialistic criteria. I now know how to find my "right partner'." --Z. H.

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