Importance of Timing

This is the most recent interview I have done which I touch upon the importance of timing and why learning how to manage a relationship will reduce the chances of separation:

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Here are a few highlights:

  • Does marriage need money?
  • Does career come first before marriage?
  • Why is the divorce rate so high in the US?
  • Isn't living together similar to getting married?


Hellen Chen's Exclusive Interview:


I have always said, "The most precious thing in life is 'understanding'"

That is why I traveled around the world to lecture and teach singles and couples how to 'understand' what is going on in their relationships and how to improve it.

Many of you have attended my seminars several times and still found new materials and new wins. Yes, each seminar I give is different and there is never 'repeat' materials even for those veteran students. 🙂

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I have students who fly 13 hours from other countries just to hear my seminar. 🙂

Remember, there is no 'unsolvable' problem. You simply did not learn how to resolve it, that's all.