How to give love and how to get love? Los Angeles Love Seminar Oct 25th


Hellen gets the audience to put their thinking cap on with her first question: What is the most important thing in life?

The energy of the room rises 100 notches and higher when attendees realize they have received the "secret" to not just a loving relationship but to a happy life!


Success Story Love Seminar Oct 25

20141026_092201"I cried when I see how much my husband want me to be happy. And I understand why he supports me so much. He knows when I break through and improve, I will be super happy ! I also see my goal in life so clearly and at this seminar, I learn how I can achieve this goal through my daily actions! I feel more comfortable when I am with others, and I love people even more! This seminar is amazing!  -- KL, Sales Executive

"I see how life is simple -- because I become certain of my goal in life and the way to attain it. I clearly see how I have wasted time and energy in the past. From today onwards, I will use full energy towards the "right" places to swiftly attain my dreams." -  F.W, TaiChi Master

20141026_075317"This seminar resolved my problems in my marriage! I used to think my spouse created such problems which I am helpless to resolve. But now I know the problem is actually on me! I do have a good marriage. I simply need to enjoy it and improve myself at the same time." -- S.C, Supervisor

"What I like best about the seminar is how Hellen focuses on the basics of marriage and how it ties in with happiness and the goal in life. I learn that if I do not improve myself, there is simply no happiness to enjoy! I am very energized and touched by what Hellen demonstrated and presented!" -- J.T, Single Mom

unnamed"I finally know how to fall in love with myself. I appreciate what others do for me and can see the good qualities of others. I now understand how to love others. I will be improving my ability to love from this point onwards. My future is filled with hope and happiness! :)" -- A.C, Teacher

"I learn how to channel my energy towards the right areas of life, especially on my goals. When I can lift another person up through my communication, I get positive energy back! I must learn how to present myself confidently and never waste my time anymore, so that I can achieve my goals!" -- C.H, Marketing Exec

20141026_092447"Hellen helps me to sort out what is my goal, what do I care most in life. There is no time to complain and be critical because there are too many good things to enjoy and catch in life -- there is simply no time for bad things." -- T.H, Consultant

"I have never thought my own improvement will create happiness for 2 persons in a relationship. Hellen teaches me the basic mechanics of how to be in a successful loving relationship. I can enjoy love and grow old happily with my better half!" -- Sal Z, Admin Executive

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