Hellen Chen’s Love Seminar in Los Angeles Oct 12

Hellen Chen's Love Seminar in Los Angeles
Enthralled Audiences from All Age Group

Love Seminar
Hellen brings fresh knowledge, and energy, to the topic of how to find love and keep it enduring.

Successes Shared by Attendees

I have already missed the right timing in the past. But at least I know now, I could help the next generation not to miss those vital lessons in their lives. I feel great that I have come to this seminar!M.H. Education Supervisor

Love Seminar Attendee

A father (right) who wanted his children to learn about love while they are young, came to attend the love seminar with his 2 sons (left)

Now I could see how happy people in general have a happy marriage, and how unhappy people are always unhappy unless they change.R.W. Medical Lab Technician

Change myself first, and many problems will have their answers. That’s wonderful!S.W. Education Supervisor

I was puzzled why I had failed in my past relationship despite dated for 10 years. After this seminar, I totally realized what I have done wrong. Today, I know more on how to help my marriage, and make my husband happy --and this is my wish!V.K. Sales Manager


Hellen spares no chances to speak to each attendee to answer their personal questions.

I rekindled the feeling when I have first fallen in love at the beginning of our marriage. I really enjoyed this seminar and learn a lot!N.C. Executive Director

I learn the importance of “keeping the mood” and “keeping the space.” They are such great viewpoints for a healthy relationship!J.W. Tutor

It is very entertaining and full of great advices!J. J. Software Engineer


Attendees laugh and smile -- they are thrilled with their new knowledge about love

I learned we have to look at ourselves first to improve our relationship.K. S. Dentist

If not for this seminar, I will never understand why it is important to learn certain skills for a child or teenager. This is fantastic education!C.H. Personal Consultant

I had past chances to practice how to love but I missed all of them when I was younger. It’s my turn to "chase" my wife – I’ll make her happier than ever before!A.W. Engineer

What Hellen says I have always believed in but because of one excuse or another, I passed up the chances to be with girls I felt I could be with forever. This seminar restored my beliefs about relationships. I enjoyed the seminar very much!N.B. Counselor

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