Hellen Chen’s 10th Love Seminar in LA Was a Great Success

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Our Dec 27th 2014 seminar is our 10th seminar event in Los Angeles.

Hellen brought up a very special viewpoint on "promotion."

Business people know that marketing and promotion create sales and income.

But how about in the area of love?

How does one attract and find the right partner? In a marriage, how does one rekindle the passion to love no matter how many years one has been married?


012What I like most about today's seminar is learning how to promote myself to another person. I have never heard a speech on marriage that is so funny and effective! -- T.W

I learned how to talk to my husband and make him feel loved. At the same time, I learn how to admire my good points and become more confident and comfortable with myself. I am more able to love myself. I am more able to love others. -- A.L

I like the focus on "promotion." I have always hated to talk about myself but now I see how necessary it is. -- G.M

011With the exercises in the workshop, I increased so much more confidence about myself and I can enjoy talking about my good points. I am able to create attraction and feel more passionate and free. -- V.C.

I see more and more of my good points. In the past, I always thought these "good points" are not important. So I tried to cover them up. Actually I do have good points which others don't have. Today I learn how to appreciate myself!

I also find out the reason my relationship has not gone well is not because I am not attractive enough. But I have not let my other half know what I'm doing.

017This time I overcome the barrier of "promoting" myself.

I increase my confidence, and thus also have a greater love to give to the people around me! -- A.C.



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