Knowing How to Create Love: Hellen Chen’s Love Seminar

Hellen Chen Best Selling Author and Matchmaker

Hellen Chen Best Selling Author and Matchmaker


Love is a state of feeling pure, beautiful, positive and wonderful, and to feel "crazy" for the things you do.

It's a high energy, and an uncontrollable feeling that is also playful and exciting.

Love does not need to depend on another person but it can be created by oneself.

Hellen gave another great seminar on how to love and be loved.

Here are some incredible successes from our students:

Hellen made it so clear how to create "LOVE." It is just pure stuff, and something one can be crazy for.

I was thinking in the past how to make other people comfortable but now, I know it's a wrong direction. I have to make myself comfortable first, I can then pass on that feeling to another person.

I'm going to practice giving "pure" love to everyone, and create love from my heart/mind. What a great seminar!



Today's seminar helped me to understand how to create the love feeling in my life.

When I can causatively create the feeling of love, no matter who the person in front of me is, and no matter in which moment, love can be created.

I can practice to demonstrate love in my marriage and towards my working partners.

I can have a greater ability to love every single person who shows up in my life.



IMG_3003I am really impressed of how Hellen brought the group into a deep understanding -- a true understanding about love.

I learn the importance of not mixing up the "love time" and "work time" in my marriage.

I am also creating love, not affected by the condition or other people. This is the ability I will practice forever!



The definition of love shared at this event surprised me!

What I could create for my spouse took on a whole new dimension! There are simply so many creative ways to create love!



Love is simple and pure. I had learned about love the wrong way, until the point that love became so complex and hard.

Through this event, I recover the simple and pure feeling of love.



IMG_3023Hellen defined love so clearly and after doing the exercises in class, I realized I do have the ability to create love not just with a partner, but with any and everyone I meet.

Thanks Hellen for a great class! 🙂



After examining the love definition, I realized I did many actions in my relationship that has nothing to do with love!

Love is created out from nothing to something that is sweet.

When I am pure at heart, when I have no negativity, the vibes I give will be positive and will make another happy.

Being comfortable and happy myself is important.

To love and be loved is simple! Thanks!



Love is natural. And being crazy about life is natural too.

Love shows up in different forms. As long as it is pure and positive, it's beautiful. It does not matter which role you take on, as long as you can enjoy and indulge in that role, it is wonderful!

I now understand what Hellen means by being a "life artist."

I learn a lot today. I know how to fall in love even more! 🙂



I don't have to ask my spouse to give me love or ask him, "Do you love me?"

I simply need to tell him I love him and make him feel that I really love him.

If I just do that, the love in our relationship will naturally grow and I will be the lucky recipient of our love.



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