Hellen Chen’s LOVE-U-Forever Relationship Love Seminar

Hellen Chen, Best Selling Author and Matchmaker


In January, I hosted my fifteenth Love Seminar in Los Angeles, USA. I am so humbled to have met such an amazing group of work professionals and couples. They all came from different backgrounds but they have one thing in common: they all shared similar values when it comes to love and personal improvement. Here are some incredible feedback from my students:


I thought my problem had been my shyness with women. At this event, I found out even if I had met a "perfect" match, I would have a hard time to keep this relationship going. This event woke me up. Thanks for the very powerful info on not only how to approach women but also to make relationships last.

 -- Ken


I loved the "practice session" in your event. I have been married for close to 10 years. There has been no major problems going on with my husband but here is where the problem lies, our relationship has no sparks or passion. You showed me what was missing -- I see it all started with my communication. I don't have to avoid saying certain things out of fear of upsetting my spouse. And I don't have to "try so hard" to be nice. By the way, I wish to say your love seminar is the only event I have come across (I have attended other events) that truly let attendees practice how to interact with people the correct way. Please keep me informed on your future events.

 -- June


How I wished I had come across your seminar and materials 10 years ago!! I was the typical "busy working professional" who despite wanting to get married, kept on missing the boat. Some people envy me for my professional success and the money I make, but they never know my failures in relationships. You are the first person I met who truly helped me answer these questions: how do I find the right person and how do I know who is suitable for me? Thanks for such a clear direction!

 -- Angeline


I am 51 this year and was divorced for many years. I went in and out of dating men and became very frustrated on why I could not find the right person. I started to wonder "what's wrong with me?" You showed me what really mattered to keep a relationship going. Thank you!

 -- Josephine


My wife and I had a very serious fight recently and she was contemplating divorce. Your workshop sheds light for me what exactly deteriorated this relationship. It was not what I thought on how we had grown apart. You showed me how both of us could fully do what we love to do in life without "compromising" for each other. We could have different interests, different friends, etc and still find a solid common ground. Your event gave me tremendous hope. I now know how to be a better man for my wife!

 -- Jack


I love what you taught at the event. I thought I had missed the time for finding a husband after raising 2 boys myself. I felt awkward dating and felt totally at a loss when a new date wanted to be intimate. You make having a lasting relationship SIMPLE again for me. I know now how to find my ideal mate.

 -- Madeline


My workshop seminars have helped men and women from all around the world on how to experience their own “happily ever after.” I developed special relationships with my students throughout the years and I have witnessed the enormous growth in both their personal and professional lives.


In case you have missed my last event, I am excited to be hosting my next Love Seminar workshop in Los Angeles on May 20, 2017. The topics I discuss in my workshops are unique and different to one another. I am always learning new skills and sharing what I have learned on what it takes to nurture and maintain meaningful relationships.


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