Hellen Chen’s Love Seminar: You Can Experience the Love You Want

Hellen surprises the students of the 11th Love Seminar in Los Angeles with a big message: you can experience the love you want -- anytime! The students warm up to the lessons as Hellen demonstrated the "how-to."

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I learn that if I cannot love myself, I cannot love another person as well. -- D P

Today this seminar helps me to break through a big wall. I can love my spouse "crazily" and also create the ideal relationship I want to the people around me. Thanks Hellen! -- C

Falling in love is not just with a partner. I realized I can "fall in love" with myself, with my job, with my friends etc. It's the same!  -- E.C

If you cannot experience the "fall" as in "fall in love," there is no power, no craziness -- life is boring -- and of course there is no passion with any one! -- E.M

I used to think that being passionate is something that I am not i.e, I am just not that type of person. But today I learn a very different lesson. I can give so much more! This changes my whole operating basis towards my life, my job and my family! --  S.W

I came here to understand how to find the right partner. But I left the event with so much more understanding of how I can make any relationship "right." And it is all within my power to create! -- A.C


You can experience the love story you dream about.
You only need to know "HOW"

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