Hellen Chen’s Love Seminar in Los Angeles July 19

Hellen Chen’s Love Workshop in Los Angeles completed successfully on July 19th 2014. It was a fun and powerful seminar where Hellen explained what men and women really want, and how to keep the love after marriage.


Success Stories from the Participants:

  • I really enjoy this class today. The communication exercises are what I exactly need! I have now no reservation of how to approach someone I like! – M. S Health Care Professionals
  • Today, I really learn how to express and share what is deep inside me. I love the communication exercises in this session. I am very touched that by one can feel so much love in such a short time! – A.C, Teacher
  • I learn how to make another person happy and comfortable with my communication – this is what makes relationship fun! I like what Hellen has mentioned, if I keep on improving my communication and myself in life, the right woman will appear! – G. C Chef
  • After attending today’s seminar, I am no longer frustrated on how to approach a person. I can show my love fully without any reservation. Language and distance are no longer barriers! – C. H Nursery School Professional
  • I used to think that after marriage, it is the end – I ‘got’ a wife. But today I learn how to continue to court my wife, date her and capture her heart. I am excited! Thanks, Hellen! – S.C Education Professional
  • After I got married, I became ‘serious’ and stopped the fun things I used to do with my wife when we were dating. Hellen showed me how a marriage is actually fun and love – it has always been how I wanted marriage to be. N.B Counselor
  • I got more out of this seminar than what I fully expected. I used to have a hard time to talk to my teenage children. Now I know the exact mistake I have committed! Wow. I should have taken this class many years ago! -- M. F. PR Executive
  • I have read Hellen's books and seen her videos. I like her materials. But attending her event live is an incredible experience like no other! I like the hands-on exercises -- I learn how I can express myself fully without fear. I also learn the most important part of keeping love alive in any relationship. Thanks Hellen! I would never have found out all of these answers if not for you. Attending this seminar is a MUST for any men and women who want to enjoy love!! -- H.C Marketing Consultant


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