…the most important decision you have made

Bill Gates did a TV interview in China where the host asked him: what was the smartest decision he has made in his life?

Was it creating Microsoft or engaging in philanthropic endeavors?

He said none of the above.

He said the smartest decision he has made is to marry his wife.

Warren Buffet has made a very similar comment that marrying his wife is the best thing he has done.

I have worked with top CEOs around the world and as their management consultant, I have helped them to increase their bottom line in their businesses.

Yet, when I asked about their personal wishes especially after  they have made more money, they would say things like, "I wish I can experience a deeper love" and "I wish I can get along better with my children."

I have seen many working adults putting aside love and marriage, because they are "too busy" pursuing a career. As some get closer to retirement, they feel something has been left out of their life.

There is no right and wrong "rule."

I don't believe that perfection and "having it all" and "keeping up with obligations and responsibilities" are the items all of us must pursue.

However, a very important question I believe one can ask will be: am I truly satisfied?

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