How do I find Mr Right?

Hellen ChenHellen lectures around the globe and everywhere she goes, she is always asked "How do I find Mr Right?" "I am having a problem with my spouse, could you help me?" "My marriage is not going well. What can I do?"

Despite the advancement in science and technology, and the existence of a huge amount of knowledge about life and the things around us, the love topic remains a mystery for many.

Many people ponder about the question of "How do I find Mr Right or Mrs Right?"

Hellen reveals the secret.

Hellen says, "Actually, many people focus too much on the short term value of a person and miss the long term change that will occur."

A guy or gal may seem 'right' because he is handsome and rich and she is beautiful and socially pleasant. But it does not mean they will make a suitable husband or wife.

"The best person that suits you is the person that is willing to grow with you in the relationship. This person may not be the most handsome or pretty or most outstanding now. But because of his or her desire to become better, to improve the relationship with you, your marriage has a chance to last. That is who you should look for." said Hellen.

A happy marriage is not luck nor is it 'trial and error'. There is an exact way to keep your relationship going well.


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