Happy Birthday!

June is my birthday month. My staff and friends arranged a wonderful birthday party for me. They performed, sang and danced – and the babies celebrated for me too!

Happy Birthday Hellen ChenAs another milestone reached, I have just finished my next 3 book series “the Art of Communication.”

I have never imagined myself to be a writer.

Having published over 2 million words, I feel this writing journey has been gratifying and I have grown to appreciate the art of writing even more!

Thanks for your support in buying and reading my books!

This is my recent bestseller on Barnes And Noble: http://matchmakerofthecentury.com/schools-teach-10-important-lessons-life/


Announcement --here are our upcoming
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Love Seminar in Singapore

Love Seminar in Los Angeles

Love Seminar in Taiwan

Love Seminar in Dubai ( September 26 and 27th. Details to be announced)