How do I know that my marriage will be everlasting and never fail?

This is a question asked of me by many singles and also by men or women who felt they had not made it in past relationships.

Most of us would like someone to love us unconditionally.

Matchmaker Hellen ChenMost of us think that if we can find that "perfect" partner, our problems will be solved.

But very few people want to learn how to love another unconditionally.

Even fewer people strive to become the "perfect" partner for another.

This is indeed not easy. But do you know? Giving and loving unconditionally is an ability that can be learned and practiced!

It is just like running a business.

Do you think there is such a thing as a "failure-proof" business?

No, of course not.

Even the Titantic, which was deemed as unsinkable, did not survive its maiden voyage.

But one can learn how to run a successful business. One can learn from past relationship mistakes and find out what one has done wrong, and practice how to make it go right in the future.

Mostly, one MUST stay true to one's goal and never believe there is no hope and no possible happiness in relationships.

There is no such a thing as failure.
The only failure comes when one gives up going after his goals.

I have conducted Love Seminars for men and women who are striving to achieve more happiness in relationships for several years.

I have given over a thousand lectures as a speaker around the world.

I have helped many individuals to resolve relationship problems.

Here are the main key points:

If you know the answers to your questions, you won't feel it is unsolvable.

If you can solve them, you will feel confident that you can enjoy a lasting and happy relationship.

So, get going in your own learning!

Here is a great Love Manual you must read if you wish to succeed in your relationships:

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Love, Hellen