Do you have the ability to reach your dream?

Is it really true that the problem that you have in a marriage or any relationships happen because of your partner?

And if you change your partner, it will be "all fine?"

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Many men and women have attended the Hellen Chen's Love Seminar and improved their ability to love.

Here are some of the successes shared by attendees:

I learn that I need to treat my partner the way that I need him to be, In this way he can become the way I want him to be.  - A.N

I was afraid that I would never find anyone who would let me be as free as I am. Today, I know that this is absolutely not true and I will be able to have a relationship that allows me to be free and also make the other person feel the same way. -- F.K

Thank you Hellen! Please do visit again and attend my wedding because never in my life I have felt as optimistic and happy about getting married as I do today! --K.K

I learned how to be able to receive love and communicate what I want clearly and express my emotion, without the fear of being rejected. Thank you Hellen! 🙂 - M.A

Today I learn it's good to be aggressive with your partner when you really want to commit for a marriage. It's important to make and act on decisions as decisions means evolution and improvement. -- Alex

I learn today how to talk about my feelings and how to express it more efficiently. -- A. M

Increase Your Ability to Love
and Be Loved

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