Hellen Chen’s Love Seminar Communication Workshop

  • Hellen Chen’s Love Seminar Communication WorkshopDo you have things you want to say to a partner, a family member, or someone you like and yet you don’t dare to say what you really feel? 
  • Do you choose to keep quiet to avoid conflicts?
  • Do people around you “assume” how you are going to act or say? That means, your communication has been “unchanging” in their eyes?   
  • Do you want to express more love but you feel embarrassed and uncomfortable because that is “not you?”
  • Do you feel there’s “nothing else interesting to talk about” with your loved ones except daily routine?

Not knowing how to communicate is the biggest problem in ANY relationships!

The AMOUNT OF LOVE shared between 2 persons is not through how many things you give including gifts or money. And definitely not through “performing duties” such as cooking, doing housework or driving someone around etc.

The AMOUNT OF LOVE felt is proportional

class in Singapore.


a) How to express what you really feel without feeling shame, discomfort or fear?

b) How to resolve any conflicts with communication?

c) How to win love and respect from another through your communication?

e) How to ATTRACT Mr Right or Ms Right through communication?

f) How to rekindle the LOVE FEELING in old relationships ?

g) How to impress another person with your communication?

Class: Love Seminar Communication Workshop
Date: July 4th 2015
Time: 6-8pm

Hotel: Holiday Inn - Orchard City Centre
Address: 11 Cavenagh Road Singapore 229616 

Limited Seatings. For Registration, please call 86530503

Cost: $258 at the door
Early Bird Registration: $188
Discount for Attendees who Purchased the Love Seminar: $158

Love Seminar Communication Workshop Registration


HchenHellen Chen’s Love Seminar will take place from 2-5pm, and the Love Seminar Communication Workshop will take place from 6-8pm.

May you master the art of communication in LOVE!

Registration Tel: 86530503


“I will show you how to increase your ability to express, to communicate and to find and enjoy LOVE!” - Hellen Chen


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