A Love Conversation With My Husband

My husband and I don't always see each other as we both have jobs that take us to different parts of the world. Email and texts become our regular way of communication. Frequently, our conversation would be so touching I would cry.

Below is a small thread of our recent conversation and what my husband wrote touches me so much!


I am not only confident in me, but also super confident in YOU !!!!

Love you,



Thanks! And thanks for marrying me!

Love, Taitai

Super happy woman

Liebling Sweetie,

I love it that you love me.

I love it that you believe in me.

I love it that you trust me.

I love it that you help me so so so much.

But most of all I love that you are happy with your life:)))

That you are happy with your work!

That you love your ( our ) kids :)))))

Honey, you could not be more perfect - not for me and not for the whole wide world!!!!!

Sorry, when I am sometimes NOT able to talk to talk to you nicely, and instead criticize you :((

My criticizing is only my inability to communicate correctly - because I DO not have any reason to criticize you !!

None whatsoever !!!

Love you ,

Your forever "not forgetting you"


Hellen Chen Love Letter