Bestselling Author and Matchmaker, Hellen Chen, on KRMS Radio


Love is all around us. Hellen Chen, Matchmaker and Author of “The Matchmaker of The Century,” was on the phone with me this morning, and we will play the recorded interview on The Ozarks Today at 4:30p.m. Since she is from Taiwan, the time difference would have been too hard to get her on live. You can get her book at, or at your local Barnes and Nobles store.

By the way, share with you a great piece of news, her book the Matchmaker of the Century, as of this morning, has achieved #1 Best seller on Barnes and Noble in 6 categories:
#1 Best Selling book in Love and romance
#1 Best Selling book in Relationships
#1 Best Selling book in Marriage
#1 Best Selling Book in Self-Help
#1 Best Selling Book in Self-Improvement
#1 Best Selling Book in Parenting and Family

Hellen Chen on KRMS_Radio